Get it from PyPI:

> pip install sphinx-better-theme

Or download the zip file and run the usual command:

> python install

Once the package is installed, make these changes to to direct Sphinx to use the theme:

from better import better_theme_path
html_theme_path = [better_theme_path]
html_theme = 'better'

Read the Docs Configuration

Using sphinx-better-theme with Read the Docs is easy. You just need to tell it to install the package.

First, create a requirements.txt file just for your docs. It should look like this:

# other dependencies for your docs if any

I suggest putting it in your docs folder, e.g. at docs/requirements.txt.

Then, go to your Read the Docs admin panel. Make sure the Use virtualenv checkbox is enabled, and set the Requirements file field to the path to your requirements.txt file.

Read the Docs should now build and display your theme correctly, assuming your contains the changes described above.